Réalisation : Naël Marandin
Montage : Yannick Grassi
Effets spéciaux et étalonnage : Martial Londe

Images d'archives avec l'aimable autorisation de l'Association des Amis de l'Ingénieur Jean Bertin.

From the album "Lights": iTunes, CD/Vinyl, Fnac, Amazon.

En Silencio (feat. Helena Miquel)

Thanks to all the tourists, workers, passersby, newly weds, guides, scouts, skaters, security guards, friends and lovers, in Paris and Barcelona, who took a few seconds of their time to appear in our video!


Sur youtube, ce qu'on préfère ce sont les gens qui dansent et les fusées qui décollent. On s'est rendu compte que ces deux passions illustraient parfaitement notre nouveau single, "Horizon", alors on vous a fait cette compilation.

To combine our love for air & space and DJs making people dance, we did this video mixtape that we think fits our new single Horizon perfectly!

[Sources : Boiler Room, Mixmag, "The Right Stuff", "2001: A Space Odyssey", David Bowie "Life on mars", South Pop Festival, Arianespace]

Seahorses: Dolphins & finswimmers (shot by Finspirit in the Red Sea)

These images were shot by finswimmer athletes for Exsonvaldes. The dolphins that you see are wild animals, filmed in their natural habitat, a lagoon in the Red Sea. For the first time on tape, the swimmers, introduced to the dolphins by Frédéric Chotard, have been able to develop a new kind of relationship with dolphins by challenging them at their own game: "can you swim faster than me?"

From the album "Lights": iTunes, CD/Vinyl, Fnac, Amazon.


Action, a tale from lights.
Directed by Thomas Lesourd. With Sofiana Robles. Costumes from Leï Fréger from Annliz Bonnin.

Thomas Lesourd, director, (almost) explains it all here.
Thomas Lesourd, réalisateur, vous explique (presque) tout ici.

From the album "Lights": iTunes, CD/Vinyl, Fnac, Amazon.

L'Aérotrain - Session acoustique Ouï FM

Got my mind set on you (George Harrison cover) - Session acoustique Ouï FM

Let go - Live Sofar Sounds

I Know (Live / House-show)

In 2010, we played a lot of house-shows in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, ... We will do it again soon!